Our hottest, most-awaited launch is finally here- Our latest line of liquid lipsticks. This collection is crafted for women of all colors and ages- a one stop collection perfect for your dream luxury lip. 
Not only does the gorgeous formula stay put all day (We’re talking 12 hours!), but nourishes your lips while doing so. Infused with advanced enriching oil complex, our lipsticks give your lips a gorgeous pop of color while looking matte but feeling creamy and oh-so-hydrating.

✔️Smudge proof
✔️Long lasting
✔️Intensely pigmented
✔️Velvety smooth finish

It’s so feathery and lightweight, you’ll practically forget there was anything on your lips in the first place! And the pigmentation *chef’s kiss* is our personal favorite attribute.
All you need is one glide and you’re all set for a glamorous luxury bender until the sun goes up. Celebrate your luxury spirits with our 12 unique, crisp shades and gift yourself the most irresistible pout this season.